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Dosimetry and spectrometry neutrons measurements around an annular vessel containing a plutonium nitrate fissile solution

B. Tournier, C. Itié, R. Médioni, C. Rich, F. Mussoni, L. Camus,G. Pichenot, Ph. Crovisier, D. Cutarella, B. Asselineau, J.E. Groetz International Workshop on Neutron Field Spectrometry in science, technology and radiation protection, Pise 2000

Document type > *Congrès/colloque

Keywords > external dosimetry, neutrons, plutonium

Research Unit > LRDE (External dosimetry research laboratory)

Authors > [et al.], ASSELINEAU Bruno, ITIE Christian

Publication Date > 01/01/2001


The new ICPR60 recommendations and the consideration of the ALARA principle have led the operators of nuclear facilities to evaluate with a higher care the doses received by workers during operations achieved at the vicinity of specific nuclear objects and radioactive devices. The aim of this paper is to present a recent study concerning a mixed field characterisation at a workplace located in a reprocessing laboratory of americium and plutonium solutions. This paper concerns neutron dosimetry only. As a first step, neutron spectrum determination was achieved by two different ways : simulation using MCNP code and experimental measurements with Bonner spheres and recoil proton counters. Neutron spectrum results and knowledge of appropriate conversion factors allowed the evaluation of dosimetric quantities. Measurements were then performed with different devices routinely used in radioprotection. The authors describe the measurement techniques, present the results obtained, and finally compare and discuss them. This work was done in collaboration with CEA/Valduc and University of Besançon.
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