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Whole-body gamma irradiation modifies bile composition in the pig

Scanff P, Grison S, Monti P, Joubert C, Griffiths NM, Gourmelon P, Radiat Res 1997 Aug;148(2):175-80

Document type > *Article de revue

Keywords > digestive radiobiology, biliary acids

Research Unit > LRPAR_(Radiopathology research laboratory)

Authors > GOURMELON Patrick, MONTI Pascale, SCANFF Pascale

Publication Date > 01/08/1997


The effects of 6 Gy whole-body 60Co gamma irradiation on bile composition in pigs were studied to determine possible alterations in the quality of the bile, which may be a determining factor in diarrhea as well as nutrient malabsorption, which classically occurs after irradiation. The bile duct of pigs was catheterized to allow a total and continuous deviation of bile over several weeks, before and after irradiation. After measurement of the volume and sampling, bile was returned to the animal via a duodenal catheter. Bile samples were then analyzed for cholesterol, phospholipid and total bile acid content. Individual bile acids were quantified by HPLC analysis. Bile flow was significantly decreased during the first 24 h and after the fifth day postirradiation. Whereas cholesterol, phospholipid and total bile acid concentrations were not altered, profiles of individual bile acids were modified significantly as early as the first day postirradiation. Moreover, the change of these profiles with time was specific for each bile acid. Such modifications in bile acid profiles resulted in a change in the properties of the bile acid pool in an increased proportion of dihydroxylated bile acids known to interfere with gut functions, and it is reasonable to suggest that radiation-induced changes in bile acid profiles may be involved in radiation-induced gastrointestinal disorders.


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