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Thrombopoietin promotes hematopoietic recovery and survival after high-dose whole body irradiation

Mouthon MA, Van der Meeren A, Gaugler MH, Visser TP, Squiban C, Gourmelon P, Wagemaker G,
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 1999 Mar 1;43(4):867-75


PURPOSE: The therapeutic potential of thrombopoietin (TPO), the major regulator of platelet production, was evaluated for hematopoietic recovery and survival in mice following lethal and supralethal total body irradiation (TBI). METHODS AND MATERIALS: Hematopoietic recovery was studied in C57BL6/J mice after 8 Gy TBI (gamma-rays). Survival experiments were performed with C57BL6/J and BCBA F1 mice. Two protocols of TPO administration were evaluated: treatment for 7 consecutive days (7 x 0.3 microg/mice) beginning 2 h after exposure, or a single dose (0.3 microg/mice) administered 2 h after irradiation. RESULTS: TPO improved the platelet nadir and accelerated the platelet reconstitution of irradiated mice in comparison to placebo-treated mice. Recovery of neutrophils and erythrocytes was stimulated as well. TPO induced an accelerated recovery of hematopoietic progenitors and immature multilineage progenitors in bone marrow and spleen. In addition, TPO administration induced approximately 90% survival of 8 Gy irradiated C57BL6/J mice, a TBI dose which resulted in 100% mortality within 30 days for placebo-treated mice. Single TPO administration was as effective as repeated injections for hematopoietic recovery and prevention of mortality. Dose-effect survival experiments were performed in BCBA F1 mice and demonstrated that TPO shifted the LD50/30 from approximately 9.5 Gy to 10.5 Gy TBI given as a single dose, and from 14 Gy to as high as 17 Gy when TBI was given in three equal doses, each separated by 24 h. CONCLUSION: These results demonstrate that the multilineage hematopoietic effects of TPO may be advantageously used to protect against lethal bone marrow failure following high dose TBI.
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