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Proposal for a radiation protection guideline in the decommissioning field

M. Champion, D. Robeau, A. Oudiz, S. Supervil, D. Pattee and Ph. Hubert IRPA-10: 10. international congress of the International Radiation Protection Association Hiroshima (Japan) 14-19 May 2000, P5-327


In the area of occupational radiation protection in France, decommissioning operations constitute a challenge because of their increase in number and the foreseeable exposure impact, but also because the operational radiation protection practices may evolve owing to the specificity of this operations. Therefore, the French authorities ask for the appearance of general rules leading to an optimum management of radiation protection, in application of the European directive 96/29/Euratom. In this context, a reflection work has been carried out by a commission charged to advise authorities in the field of Radiological Protection (Safety Commission for Radiological Protection, CSPR), in order to establish a common language in the field of operational radiation protection within decommissioning operations and try to define what can be considered as good practices. This reflection has been supported by the Institute for Protection and Nuclear Safety and major operators (CEA, COGEMA). Therefore, an operational radiation protection guideline has been established taking into account the feedback from major decommissioning operations in France. This guideline is meant to help the operators to meet regulatory requirements but also to provide authorities with a methodology for the radiation protection evaluation. Inter alia, the following issues are addressed : - information regarding the decommissioning preparation, including works planning, collective and individual dose estimates, - the operational radiation protection framework, including dose objectives and dose constraint, means for an operational monitoring of external and internal exposures and management of, radiological zoning, radiation protection training and workers classification, - the implementation of optimisation (ALARA approach), including the description of the radiation protection alternatives considered, the decision-aiding criteria and tools and also the involvement of subcontractors, - the organisation and means to support the radiological experience feedback. This paper underlines the interest of a common approach of operators and regulatory body and concludes on the possibility to extend the concept of operational radiation protection guideline to other phases of a nuclear installation life. This paper stresses also the fact that the implementation of optimisation should be apportioned to the “radiological stakes” of the dismantling operations. A procedure aimed at defining the radiological stakes will be given.
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