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Spectrometry of the LET with track etched detectors - correlation with proportional counter measured spectra

Spurny a, J. -F. Bottollier-Depois and B. Vlek Radiation Measurements Volume 34, Issues 1-6 June 2001 Pages 193-197

Document type > *Article de revue

Keywords > internal dosimetry, detector, microdosimetry

Research Unit > UDAC_(Accident and criticality dosimetry unit)

Authors > BOTTOLLIER-DEPOIS Jean-François

Publication Date > 01/06/2001


A spectrometer of the linear energy transfer (LET) based on the chemically etched polyallyldiglycolcarbonate (PADC) track etched detector was developed. The LET spectra are determined through the measurements of track parameters, it covers LET range between 10 and 700 keV/micrometer in tissue. A combined experimental and theoretical approach allowed the estimation of the critical dimensions of the sensitive volume necessary for developing a track to several nm. It seemed interesting to us to compare the LET spectra obtained by this method with the microdosimetric spectra available on the basis of a classical experimental microdosimetry method, a tissue equivalent proportional counter, for which the critical dimensions simulated are of the order of a few micrometers. Both methods of experimental microdosimetry were compared in the high energy radiation reference fields and on the subsonic aircraft board. It was found out that the microdosimetric distributions are similar; some differences are, nevertheless, observed. Further studies with the goal to explain them are outlined. This work was done in collaboration with the Department of Dosimetry of the Nuclear Physics Institute (Czech Academy of Sciences).


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