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Development of a novel calibration tool for workplace aerosol samplers - Review of progress of EU project.

D. Mark, R.J Aitken, G. Beaumont, O. Witschger, G. Liden, W. Koch, H. Kromhout, CP. Chalmers, Colloque international "Poussières" 2001, 11-13/06/2001, Toulouse (France).

Document type >

Keywords > aerosol physics, aerosol physics, sampling

Research Unit > LPMAC (Aerosol/containment physics and metrology laboratory)

Authors > [et al.]

Publication Date > 11/06/2001


The current method of testing the sampling performance of personal samplers for workplace inhalable aerosols involves the use of laboratory-based facilities (such as wind tunnels and calm-air chambers) in which idealised conditions such as uniform airflow and uniform aerosol concentration are employed (prEN 13205, 1999). However, in real workplaces, the worker himself usually generates aerosols locally in the form of point sources and local exhaust ventilation systems often produce highly non-uniform airflows. In order to ensure that the performance testing is relevant to real workplace conditions therefore, it is necessary to carry out testing under actual workplace conditions. For this task, a reference instrument is required to provide the standard against which the candidate sampler is compared and calibrated. This paper reports the progress that has been made in the development and testing of such a portable calibration tool (CALTOOL). This work has been done with the collaboration of the Health and Safety Laboratory (UK), the Institute of Occupational Medicine (UK), the National Institute for working life, programme of workplace air (Sweden), the Fraunhofer Institut fur toxikologie und aerosolforschung (FHG, Germany), the Environmental and Occupational health group, department of environmental sciences (Netherlands), and the DataStat consultants (UK).


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