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IEC International Standards Under Development On Radiation-Generating Devices

Congress title :2008 HPS - Midyear Meeting "Radiation-Generating Devices" 
Congress location :Oakland
Congress date :27/01/2008

Document type > *Congrès/colloque

Keywords > 62463, 62523, IEC, radiological protection, standard


Authors > CHIARO Peter, DRAY Clive, LI J., RADEV Radoslav, THOMSON Ian, VOYTCHEV Miroslav

Publication Date > 04/02/2008


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the leading and oldest global organization with over 100 years history of developing and publishing international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, including radiation detection instrumentation. Subcommittee 45B "Radiation Protection Instrumentation" of the IEC has recently started the development of two standards on radiation-generating devices. IEC 62463 "Radiation protection instrumentation - X-ray systems for personnel security screening" is applicable to X-ray systems designed for screening people to detect if they are carrying objects as weapons, explosives, chemical and biological agents and other concealed items that could be used for criminal purposes, e.g. terrorist use, drug smuggling, etc. IEC 62523 "Radiation protection instrumentation - Cargo/Vehicle radiographic inspection systems" applies to cargo/vehicle imaging inspection systems using accelerator produced X-ray or gamma radiation to obtain images of the screened objects (e.g. cargo containers, transport and passenger vehicles and railroad cars). The objective of both standards is to specify standard requirements and general characteristics and test procedures, as well as, radiation, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and safety requirements and to provide examples of acceptable methods to test these requirements. In particular the standards address the design requirements as they relate to the radiation protection of the people being screened, people who are in the vicinity of the equipment and the operators. The standards do not deal with the performance requirements for the quality of the object detection. Compliance with the standards requirements will provide the manufacturers with internationally acceptable specifications and the device users with assurance of the rigorous quality and accuracy of the measurements. The main characteristics of IEC 62463 and IEC 62523 standards are presented and as well as the IEC methodology of standard development and approval.
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