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Cidofovir administered with radiation displays an antiangiogenic effect mediated by E6 inhibition and subsequent TP53-dependent VEGF repression in HPV18+ cell lines

Journal title : Radiation Research
Volume : 166
issue : 4
Pagination : 600-610
 Publication date : 01/10/2006


Therapeutic administration of the antiviral agent cidofovir with radiation markedly enhanced the antitumor effect of ionizing radiation in cells of two HPV18+ human cervical carcinoma cell lines. Although this potent radiosensitizing effect was associated with repression of the viral oncoproteins E6/E7 and restoration of TP53 as shown previously, additional mechanisms may be involved. In the present study, we investigated the antiangiogenic effect of the combination of cidofovir and radiation in cells of two HPV18+ cervical cancer cell lines, HeLa and ME180, and assessed the molecular mechanisms associated with the antiangiogenic effect observed. Cells were exposed to cidofovir (10 μg/ml) and irradiated (1-9 Gy). The angiogenic response was studied in vitro by a matrigel invasion assay. Modulations of E6, TP53 and VEGF mRNA and protein levels were studied by real-time RT-PCR, Western blot analysis and ELISA, respectively. Then a double RNA interference approach was used to analyze the connection between E6/TP53 and VEGF. The combination of cidofovir and radiation had a potent antiangiogenic effect. It induced E6 inhibition, restoration of TP53, and reduction of the proangiogenic phenotype of HPV18+ cells associated with VEGF inhibition. A siRNA strategy showed an anti-VEGF action of the combination mediated directly by E6 inhibition and TP53 restoration, since E6 siRNA inhibited VEGF whereas co-transfection with E6 and TP53 siRNA abrogated the anti-VEGF effect. This study showed that the combination of cidofovir with ionizing radiation has an antiangiogenic effect associated with VEGF inhibition subsequent to E6 inhibition and TP53 restoration.


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