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IRPA13 - IRSN's publications

IRSN has participated from 13th to 18th May 2012 the IRPA's 13th Congress in Glasgow (Scotland).


The Institute has led and animated 2 sessions and was invited in a round table. Besides, IRSN has shown 14 communications and 30 posters. Jad Farah, IRSN researcher, has received the Young Professionnals Prize for his thesis followed in LEDI (Internal Dose Assessment Laboratory).


Below, the list of IRSN posters and interventions, in PDF and arranged by sessions.



Role Of Residential Radon In Childhood Leukaemia Incidence: The Geocap Program - Demoury, C; Ielsch, G; Laurent, O; Hémon, D; Laurier, D; Clavel, J.



Protection of the Environment 

Inhibition of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Zebrafish and Links with Effects on Reproduction and Development - Adam, C.


Decision thresholds associated with multiple measurements and their application to environmental monitoring results - Vivier, A; Manificat, G; Picolo, JL.



Fukushima: Impact and public relation


Session TS12b led by Jacques Repussard, IRSN CEO.



Fukushima: Atmospheric Dispersion


Assessment of Atmospheric Dispersion for the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident - Mathieu, A.



Fukushima Protection and Risk Issues 

Assessment on the 66th Day of Projected External Dose for Populations Living in the North-West Fallout Zone of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident - Thomassin, A; Queinnec, F; Rannou, A; Aigueperse, J; Gourmelon, P; Jourdain, JR; Chartier, M.





Technical session TS1b led by Dominique Laurier from LEPID.


Risk of Lung Cancer Death Associated to Radon Exposure Corrected for Measurement Error Among Uranium Miners - Allodji, RS; Rage, E; Leuraud, K; Thiébaut, ACM; Henry, S; Bénichou, J; Laurier, D.


Risk of Radiation-Induced Cataract for Interventional Cardiologists: Results of the O’CLOC Study - Jacob, S; Donadille, L; Bar, O; Boveda, S; Brezin, A; Maccia, C; Laurier, D; Bernier, MO.



Human Health Effects and Risk Factors


A Risk Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Radon, Terrestrial Gamma and Cosmic Rays on Childhood Leukaemia in France - Laurent, O; Ielsch, G; Hémon, D; Clavel, J; Laurier, D.



Internal Dose Assessment


Development of mobile laboratories for routine and large accident monitoring of internal contamination - Franck, D; Broggio, D; Challeton-de Vathaire, C; Moya, X; Parre, F; Viltard, D; Agarande, M.



Biological Dosimetry and Modelling


FISH Translocation Practice as a Retrospective Biodosimeter: a Review - Grégoire, E; Gruel, G; Roch-Lefevre, S; Martin, C; Vaurijoux, A; Voisin, PA; Roy, L; Voisin P.



Metrology and Dosimetry Standards


ISO/TC 85/SC2 Radiological Protection - Rannou, A.



Numerical and Computational Dosimetry


Library of mesh and NURBS female phantoms for pulmonary in vivo body counting studies - Farrah, J. (+ diaporama)



Radiation Protection Challenges in Interventional and Paediatric Radiology


Paediatric Computed Tomography - Exposure and Radiation-Induced Cancer: The French Ongoing Cohort of Childhood CT Scan - Bernier, MO; Brisse, H; Rehel, J-L; Mezzarobba, M; Caer-Lorho, S; Aubert, B; Laurier, D.



Emergency Preparedness and Response


Implementation of an Awareness Tool to Post-Accidental Issues for Local Actors - Gauvin C.



Kids 1 RP Science


Round table led by Dominique Laurier from LEPID.


Issues in radiation protection. Pannel Discussion - Wakeford, R; Atkinson, M; Barcellos-Hoff, MH; Laurier, D; Little, M; Shore, R; Weiss, W.




Biological and Health Effects of Ionising Radiation


Comparison of Absorbed Radiation Doses Following a Chronic Contamination through Ingestion of Either 137-Cesium or 90-Strontium - Bertho, JM; Synhaeve, N; Stefani, J; Desbre, A; Blanchardon, E; Dublineau, I.


Mortality From Cardiovascular Diseases And Occupational Uranium Exposure: Cohort And Nested Case-Control Studies Of French Uranium Workers - Guseva Canu, I; Garsi, JP; Chablais, L; Samson, E; Jovanovich, I; Caër-Lorho, S; Acker, A; Niogret, C; Laurier, D.


TRACY : The French cohort of uranium cycle workers - Samson, E; Guseva Canu, I; Acker, A; Laurier, D.



Measurements and Dosimetry


Validation Method of Biological Dosimetry in an Accreditation Process - Voisin, PV; Gregoire, EG; Roch-Lefevre, SRL; Gruel, GG; Martin, CM; Voisin, PV; Roy, LR.


Construction and use of a Library of 25 Full-Body Male Numerical Models: Rationale and Results - Broggio, D; Beurrier, J; Huet, C; Desbree, A; Farah, J; Bremaud, M; Franck, D.


Retrospective dose assessment  in a radiation mass casualty by EPR and OSL in mobile phones - Trompier, F. (+ publication)


Risk of Radiation Exposure of the Lens of the Eye for Members of the Public - Chevallier, MA; Villagrasa, C; Clairand, I; Rannou, A.


Practical recommendations to occupational health services of nuclear facilities for monitoring of internal exposure to radionuclides - Blanchardon, E. (+ publication)


Dosimetry of natural uranium exposure by integrating alimentary uranium contribution to bioassay measurements - Davesne, E.



Stakeholder Engagment and Involvement


Implementation of a "Citizens’ Workshop" on Domestic Radon - Charron S.


Transmission and Dissemination of Radiation Protection Culture to Young Generations - Réaud, C; Charron, S; Schneider, T; Bernaud, JY; Livolsi, P; Delattre, A; Monti, P; Schneider, C; Le Clerc, A; Rochereau, S; Ayrault, D; Lerou, F.



Planned Exposure Situations: Industry and Research


Health Assessment of Nuclear Workers from Areva NC – La Hague: Preliminary Results - Baysson, H; Michel, Y; Caer-Lohro, S; Acker, A; Auriol, B; Laurier, D; Samson, E.



Planned Exposure Situations: Medical


Cardiovascular Dosimetry Following Radiotherapy Treatment using Hybrid Computational Phantoms - Moignier, A; Derreumaux, S; Broggio, D; Chea, M; Boisserie, G.


Example of Patient Dose Optimization in Interventional Radiology - Etard, C; Guersen, J; Rehel, JL; Chabrot, P; Cassagnes, L; Aubert, B; Boyer, L.


Risk of Cancer Associated with Cardiac Catheterization During Childhood: Setting up of a Cohort Study in France - Baysson, H; Boudjemline, Y; Petit, J; Réhel, JL; Aubert, B; Laurier, D; Bonnet, D; Bernier, MO.



Emergency Exposure Situations


New calixarènes formulations for a quick uranium skin decontamination - Belhomme-Henry C.


Use of the SCALE-SAS1 Code for Dose Rates Calculations in Case of a Criticality Accident - Laget, M; Thomassin, A; Arial, E.


Assessment of Dose Rates due to a Criticality Accident - Influence of Source and Protections - Arial, E; Laget, M; Thomassin, A.



Existing Exposure Situations


The mesurment of radon in the environment: publication of a new ISO standard - Calmet, D; Améon, R; Beck, T; De Jong, P; Herranz, M; Klett, A; Michel, R; Richards, T; Schuler, C; Tokonami, S.



Protection of the Environment


Providing Access to Environmental Radioactivity Measurements During Crisis and in Peacetime: Two Tools Developed in France by IRSN - Leprieur, F; Manificat, G; Guldner, B; Couvez, C.





Information: Lessons learnt from Fukushima crisis - Bigot, MP; Baumont, G.


Landscape-Level Model Predictions Of 131I, 134Cs And 137Cs Transfer Through Terrestrial Systems In The 80-Km Fukushima-Daiichi Area Using The Symbiose Platform - Gonze, MA; Simon-Cornu, M; Metivier, JM; Garcia-Sanchez, L; Mourlon, C; Parache, V.


Wet deposition of radionuclides and assessment of scavenging coefficients in France following the Fukushima accident - Depuydt, G.


Spatial and Temporal Evolutions of the Airborne 137Cs Level at European Scale after Fukushima and Comparison with the Situation after Chernobyl - Masson, O; Depuydt, G; Gurriaran, R; De Vismes-Ott, A; Paulat , P; Saey, L.


Analysing The IRSN Risk Perception Barometer After The Fukushima Nuclear Accident - El Jammal, MH.


The Transfer of Artificial Radionuclides in Milk and Meat after Fukushima Releases - Saey, L; Pourcelot, L; Parache, V; Roussel-Debet, S; Gurriaran, R; Masson, O; Renaud, P.


The Evaluation of the Dry Deposition Velocity of Iodine after Fukushima releases - Parache, V; Pourcelot, L; Saey, L; Roussel-Debet, S; Gurriaran, R; Masson, O; Renaud, P.


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