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Criticality experiments catalogue

couverture CD criticité Date published: 2008
Available languages: French, English
Price: free




The IRSN web site now features a “Catalogue and History of Criticality Experiments at Saclay (1958-1964) and Valduc - Building 10 (1964-2007)”. Also available on CD-Rom, this document summarizes the achievements resulting from 45 years of criticality experiments conducted in France.

A joint publication issued by CEA and IRSN, the document is the result of collaborative work carried out by the relevant departments of both organizations. It is divided into five sections:

  • classification of experiments (as defined by the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Project, ICSBEP) and a table summarizing all experimental programs,
  • a history of programs conducted at Saclay and Valduc,
  • references of experiment reports,
  • photograph archives,
  • description of the ICSBEP working group organization.




The Calliope CD-ROM

couverture CD Calliope Coordinating authors: B. Le Guen, P. Bérard, P.N. Lirsac, M.L. Perrin, M.M. Bé, J.L. Malarbet, B. Gibert, M. Roy et H. Métivier
Date published: 1999
Available language: French
Price: 69 €


Since 1990 the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has published seven main documents which apply the general principles of internal dosimetry set out in publication 60 of the ICRP for workers and the general public. The Calliope CD-ROM puts the main data published in these documents into groups. It assists in the training of professionals as future agents for radioprotection. This operational utility will make implementation of European Directive 96/29 and the respect of new thresholds easier to achieve.



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