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Collection Colloques (Seminar Series)

The Seminar Series includes contributions to seminars and congresses organised or jointly organised by IRSN. It may include full proceedings and chosen texts.

Ecorad 2004 - Scientific trends in radiological protection of the environment

Coordinating authors: F. Bréchignac and B. J.Howard
Number of pages: 168
Format: H 24 cm x L 16 cm
Date of issue: 2005
Available language: English
Price: 45 €



This volume brings together some of the most outstanding guest contributions at the 2nd ECORAD International Conference held in Aix en Provence, France, on 6-10 September 2004. Traditionally dealing with Radioecology, this Conference event has focused on the “scientific basis for environmental protection against ionising radiation”. The aim is to consider the current challenges faced by this scientific discipline in an emerging general context that places environmental protection issues on a par with human-related concerns. The contributions included herein provide an advanced, updated and focused understanding that will help to ensure that environmental regulations currently at the centre of international debate are pertinent and adequate, and contribute to an increasingly efficient system of environmental intervention and crisis management.


Ecorad 2001 - Radioactive pollutants: impact on the environment
Coordinating authors: F. Bréchignac and B. J.Howard
Number of pages: 368
Format: H 24 cm x W 16 cm
Date of issue: 2001
Available language: English
Price: 58 €



State of knowledge in radioecology of continental and estuarine environments.This book is a collection of the lectures hosted at the ECORAD 2001 international congress. Based on the appraisal of the latest scientific and technical data, each expert introduces future research topics in this field. One section of these lectures describes the scientific and ethical aspects of radioprotection of the environment.

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Radionuclides in the oceans: input and inventories

Coordinating authors: P. Guéguéniat, P. Germain and H. Métivier
Number of pages: 231
Format: H 24 cm x W 16 cm
Date of issue: 1996
Available language: English
Price: 41,15 €



Inventory of radioactivity in the earth’s seas following the end of of its weapons experiments, experiments in the atmosphere, moratorium on burying of radioactive waste at sea and ten years after the Chernobyl accident. Each sea or ocean is dealt with by several experts of different origins.


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