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Nuclear safety and security expertise

IRSN is a founding member or a partner, through its contributing experts and its financial support, in the following organisations and networks :

European TSO Network - ETSON

ETSON logoETSON is the network of European technical safety organisations (TSO) with members from Germany (GRS), France (IRSN) Belgium (Bel V), Lithuania (LEI), Finland (VTT), the Czech Republic (UJV) Slovakia (VUJE) and associated members from Japan (JNES) and Ukraine (SSTC). A country's TSO supports the national licensing and supervisory authorities in all scientific and technical issues relating to nuclear safety and security.

The aim of ETSON is on the one hand to establish a forum for voluntary exchanges about the assessment, research and development in the field of nuclear safety and security. On the other hand, ETSON would like to make a contribution to the promotion of a harmonization of nuclear safety practices and initiate and carry out joint nuclear safety research programmes.  The members of ETSON commit themselves, to respect principles and values that guarantee their independence of judgment in their technical work and the quality of their services.

More information:

Visit the ETSON website



RiskAudit logoRISKAUDIT IRSN/GRS International is a non-profit European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) established in 1992 by IRSN and GRS.

Riskaudit activities include the provision of consultancy services in the field of nuclear safety and environmental protection for the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and other international as well as national bodies. It is also active in international coordination and networking in scientific-technical cooperation with nuclear regulatory authorities and technical safety organisations (TSOs) in the following fields:

  • technical support in the licensing of modernisation measures to increase the safety of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities,
  • know-how transfer, methodology exchange and knowledge management as basis for a high level of safety culture,
  • performance of safety assessments according to internationally recognised practices in multinational expert teams and
  • harmonisation of rules and guidelines in the area of nuclear safety and security.

More information:

Visit the RiskAudit website:


European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute - ENSTTI

ENSTTI logoThe European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute, ENSTTI, is an initiative of the European Technical Safety Organizations Network-ETSON. ENSTTI provides vocational training and tutoring in methods and practices required to perform assessments in nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection. ENSTTI calls on European TSO expertise to maximize the transmission of knowledge and proficiency based on practical experience and culture.

Capacity building in nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection is a major challenge in nuclear power programs, for both new builds and expansion projects.

As nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle facilities cover a wide range of scientific and technological disciplines, nuclear and radiation safety requires highly professional expertise in broad areas of nuclear technology. The availability of trained and experienced safety and security experts is a prerequisite for any national nuclear safety infrastructure. Acquiring this expertise is not simply a matter of education, as it involves transferring practical knowledge and culture.

In addition to the major educational effort in which European TSOs are already involved, the ENSTTI initiative, in association with the European Union and the IAEA, offers expert vocational training to present and future generations of professionals in nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection.

More information:

Visit the ENSTTI webstite:


European Network on Operational Experience Feedback - EU Clearinghouse 

EU Clearinghouse logoOperating experience (OE) gained from the nuclear power plants is a valuable source of information which allows operators to continually improve their knowledge and the safety of these nuclear installations. In the European Union, a regional network has been established to enhance nuclear safety through improvement of the use of lessons learned from OE.

This network’s hub is located at the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) and is known as the European Clearinghouse on OE for nuclear power plants. The ‘Clearinghouse’ is comprised of dedicated staff from JRC and member states that have joined the organisation. Membership is mainly composed of nuclear safety regulatory authorities and their Technical Support Organizations within the EU region.

Currently sixteen European nuclear safety regulatory authorities are represented (Finland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Spain and the UK – the latter nine as observers) and three European Technical Support Organisations (Belgium, France and Germany).

The objectives of the EU Clearinghouse are to allow effective and efficient implementation of operational experience (OE) feedback for improvement of safety of NPPs through:

  • Strengthening co-operation between EU Safety Authorities, Technical Support Organisations and the international OE community to collect, evaluate and share NPP operational events data and apply lessons learnt in a consistent manner throughout European countries participating to the project.
  • Establishment of European best-practice for assessment of operational events in Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs).
  • Strengthening EU resources in OE.
  • Support to the long-term EU research and policy needs on NPP Operational Experience Feedback.

More information:

Visit the European Clearinghouse website :


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