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Formation of a European TSO Network

The Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs) IRSN, GRS and AVN, have decided to considerably intensify the co-operation between their institutions. For this purpose, they formed the “European TSO Network”.

The aim of this network is to promote and develop European scientific and technical co-operation between the TSOs in the field of nuclear safety. This will be achieved by exchanging in particular systematically R&D results and experience in connection with the operation of nuclear facilities and safety assessments, by promoting a harmonisation of nuclear safety assessment practices in Europe, and by encouraging initiatives to define and implement European research programmes. This will support the further development of the international state of the art in science and technology by using common resources and synergies in all working areas. The network was founded with a perspective to also opening this co-operation to other TSOs in Europe.

Further information on the European TSO network is available in the following documents:

Memorandum of Understanding on the Creation of the European TSO Network

The TSO Concept

European TSO Network : Rules of Procedure

Working Groups of the European TSO Network

Safety Assessment Guide

Proposal on the European Operating Experience Feedback System

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