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ETSON, the evolution of a major European network ...

ETSONOn the occasion of the 54th IAEA General Conference in Vienna, a side event was organised on September 22, 2010 under the auspices of the Belgium Presidency of the European Union, on the European Technical Safety Organisations Network – ETSON. This meeting provided an opportunity to remind the roles of this network, now a non-profit legal entity since August 23, 2010, and was attended by over fifty participants, diplomats, experts, safety professionals,...

ETSON currently involves 6 European TSOs: IRSN (France), GRS (Germany), BelV (Belgium), VTT (Finland), UJV (Czech Republic) and LEI (Lithuania). Mr Jacques Repussard has been elected for 2 years as president of ETSON.

Participants :

- Mr. Frank RECKER, Permanent Representative of Belgium, on behalf of the EU
Mr. Dominique RISTORI, Deputy Director General of DG ENER, European Commission
- Mr. Jacques REPUSSARD, Director General of IRSN, President of ETSON
- Mr. Hans STEINHAUER, Director General of GRS
- Mr. Khammar M’RABIT, Director of safety and security coordination Section, IAEA
- Mr. Denis FLORY, Deputy Director General, Head of nuclear safety and security Division, IAEA

The meeting presented the role of ETSON  and gave a concrete vision of its activities performed through RISKAUDIT (since 1992), the EUROSAFE forum (1999) and this year the training institute ENSTTI, which proposes training and tutoring based on the European TSO experience.

As nuclear safety and security remain high on the agenda of the international community, ETSON members, through their common approach and independence of judgment, base nuclear safety on a rigorous scientific and holistic approach to safety expertise. Working jointly, they foster the harmonization of licensing processes while also serving as a “clearinghouse” for sharing information with similar organizations.

More information about ETSON.

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