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Jacques Repussard speech at the ministerial seminar on nuclear safety: the contribution of research to risk management

The ministerial seminar on June 7th 2011, organized under the French presidency of the G8-G20, is an opportunity for the international community to draw the first lessons of the accident at Fukushima, which occurred 25 years after Chernobyl, and reinforce the prevention of nuclear accidents and the capacity to cope with such crisis. Different players in the governance of risks are invited to contribute, each in their respective fields.

It is within this context that Jacques Repussard intervenes, as Director General of IRSN and as Chairman of the Scientific Council (CSNI) of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), on past achievements and new goals for research in nuclear safety and radiation protection.

With the goal of proactively increasing the safety level, research has to be considered – among the actions contributing to the management of nuclear and radiological risks – as a first rank driving force. This driving force will be all the  more effective as cooperation at international level will widen the scope of scientific approaches of risks.
Read the speech by Jacques Repussard, Director General of IRSN : "Nuclear Safety Research: Past achievements, new goals" (pdf doc) 

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