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Enhancing Nuclear Safety

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The organization of IRSN changes to always enhance nuclear safety

Strengthening internal cohesion, further enhancing the synergy between research and expertise, managing effectively a large capital of scientific and technical knowledge and the training of future experts, consolidating the Institute's ability to cope with a possible nuclear crisis: these are for the Director General of IRSN, Jacques Repussard, the main objectives assigned to the new organization, developed in close consultation with the staff of the Institute.

The new organization reinforces the Director General’s office, and regroups the services in three operating divisions in charge of the various scientific and technical missions of IRSN in various jurisdictions, with the support of six executive and support departments.

General management includes, in addition to the existing Deputy Directors-General, Michel Brière, in charge of defense-related missions, and Jean-Bernard Chérié, in charge of administration and management related missions, two new Deputy Directors-General in charge respectively of Nuclear Safety, Thierry Charles, and Radiation Protection, Jérôme Joly.
Are also appointed to the Director General Office:

  • Martial Jorel, as Director of Knowledge Management, newly created position
  • Giovanni Bruna, who will succeed Michel Schwarz in March 2012 as Scientific Director.

The Division of "Defense, Security and Non-proliferation" is headed by Deputy Director General Michel Brière, with the support of the Director of Nuclear Defense Expertise, Jean-Marc Péres.

The Division of "Nuclear Safety" is headed by Deputy Director General Thierry Charles, with the support of three thematic directors:

  • Christian Duretz in charge of Nuclear Safety Expertise
  • Jean-Claude Micaelli in charge of Safety Research
  • Sylvie Cadet-Mercier in charge of Safety Doctrine, Systems, and New Reactors.

The Division of "Radiation Protection" is headed by Deputy Director General Jérôme Joly, with the support of four thematic directors:

  • Jocelyne Aigueperse in charge of Radiological Protection and Health
  • Jean-Christophe Gariel in charge of Environment
  • François Besnus in charge of Waste and Geosphere
  • Didier Champion in charge of Emergency Response.

Executive and support directors provide corporate services, coordinate the strategy to develop and oversee the interface with the government and the various partners of the Institute:

  • Director of Strategy, Development and Partnerships, Matthieu Schuler
  • Director of International Affairs, Marc-Gérard Albert
  • Director of Public Communication, Marie-Pierre Bigot
  • Director of Human Resources, Patricia de la Morlais
  • Director of Financial, Purchasing and Legal Affairs, Didier Demeillers
  • Director of Security, Assets and Information Systems, Bruno Dufer
  • Quality Officer, Alain Cernès, also Inspector General of IRSN
  • Chief Accountant, Stéphane Rochard.
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