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Fukushima, one year later

The Fukushima-Daïchi nuclear power plant accident was the first occurrence showing that an extreme natural event, that generated stress levels far beyond nuclear power plant design-basis values, could lead to a core meltdown accident.

It also showed how the massive destruction of a site and of the surrounding infrastructures could delay and complicate all accident management operations.

One year after the accident, IRSN publishes a special issue of its newsmagazine, Repères, who is focused on the accident and on the first lessons drawn by IRSN regarding nuclear safety. The first part revisits the accident and its aftermath, and the mobilization of IRSN during this crisis. The second part looks at the assessments launched in 2011 to check the conformity of the French nuclear facilities. It also addresses research that could better predict the fate of radionuclides released from Fukushima, as well as to improve the monitoring and radiation protection in France.

Download our newsmagazine "Fukushima Special Report" (PDF file)

IRSN also proposes 5 videos about the situation in Japan one year after the accident. Filmed in Japan in September 2011, these videos offer a series of findings about life in contaminated territories with interviews of Japanese citizens completed with insights and explanations by experts from IRSN.

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