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Boosting safety research in Europe: key role for IRSN in NUGENIA

Pooling research means fostering closer collaboration among excellence networks dedicated to research on Generation II and III reactors in Europe. This is the aim of NUGENIA, a new European association that brings together more than fifty partners, including industrial players, research centres, TSOs and safety authorities. IRSN has been actively involved in NUGENIA's activities since its inception.

Since its official launch on March 21st, 2012 in Brussels, NUGENIA has been providing methods aimed at facilitating the establishment and alignment of research projects pertaining to Generation II and III reactors in Europe.

The association's technical activities are split into seven research areas: Plant Safety and Risk Assessment, Severe Accidents, Core and Reactor performance, Integrity Assessment and Ageing of Systems, Structures and Components, Fuel, Waste Management (excluding geological disposal) and Dismantling, Innovative Generation III Design, and Harmonization. NUGENIA's first working session, held at the end of March in Budapest, served to set up roadmaps and designate leads for each area. IRSN took the lead in two areas – Severe Accidents and Harmonization – and is contributing to the remaining ones. The Institute is a member of NUGENIA's Executive Committee and hosts the association's secretariat.

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