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International Conference « Radon and Society: From knowledge to action »

In view of the new European directives and the IAEA recommendations on development of radon policy and action plans, IRSN and the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) will jointly organise an international conference on the theme “Radon and Society: From knowledge to action” in Paris, France, the 11th and 12th of April 2013.

Successful reduction of radon exposure at a large scale is an issue that needs involvement from a wide range of concerned actors like governmental bodies, regional and local government administrations, but also stakeholders like building professionals, health professionals, NGOs and the public. The overall objective of the conference is to assist all these actors and notably decision makers in radiation protection, in developing radon policies and action plans that could be implemented at the local level taking into account both scientific and societal aspects.
The conference will share experiences from countries around the world who have already engaged in radon policy and action plans for reducing radon exposure in dwellings and public buildings. It will also focus on practical experiences in implementing at the local level actions preventing radon exposure. The programme sessions will have both oral presentations and discussions in order to facilitate both learning and exchange between the various concerned participants, stakeholders as well as scientist and officials.

The conference will provide an opportunity to identify the challenges and good practices for improved effort in every country on radon issues in the future.

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