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Safety: IRSN and Japanese TSO JNES outline the future of their collaboration in safety research


Last autumn, a delegation from IRSN took part in two seminars organized by the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES), the Institute’s Japanese counterpart and an associate member of the ETSON network of European TSOs, with the goal of discussing current collaboration in fire risk and deepening collaboration in areas of mutual interest related to severe accidents in light water reactors.

During the seminar on severe accidents, the focus was on understanding the sequence of events in the Fukushima Daiichi accident and simulating the accident with computational software. A collaborative program under development involves improving systems to filter releases, cool a damaged core, determine iodine and ruthenium chemistry, and cool fuel assemblies in the spent fuel pool in the event of an accident.

The seminar on fire risk strengthened collaboration between IRSN and JNES in the area of safety assessment and regulations. In the short term, the Institute will perform a review of fire protection guides and methods of assessing associated risks, currently under development by JNES [1].

In addition to JNES’s participation in the OECD PRISME 2 project, collaboration in research is to include issues related to the suspension of radioactive materials in the event of a glove box fire in spent fuel recycling and reprocessing facilities and electrical equipment malfunctions caused by smoke.

For more information:

Presentation of the PRISME research program in our Research section

1-IRSN has already provided JNES with its fire safety baseline.

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