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Radioactive waste: Managing the risks of geological disposal


A public debate is currently taking place in France about the proposed construction of a geological repository for the disposal of high-level and intermediate level long-lived radiological waste. IRSN takes this opportunity to publish a special issue in English of its newsmagazine “Repères” that look at the issues raised by such a project.

Radioactive waste: Managing the risks of geological disposalHaving assessed the feasibility of the concept put forward by Andra, the French National Radioactive Waste Agency, IRSN continues its analysis of the risks involved in the operation and long-term evolution of the future disposal facility, known as Cigeo. The projected facility is the only one of its kind in France or anywhere else in the world.

As part of its analysis, the Institute considers various scenarios that could arise and assesses ways of controlling risks to ensure optimal waste confinement. This work is now entering a crucial phase as IRSN gets ready to provide technical and scientific input, fulfilling its role as the nation’s public expert on nuclear safety.

Download IRSN magazine « Radioactive waste: Managing the risks of geological disposal » (pdf)


About IRSN mag "Repères"

Enhancing nuclear safety is the main driver behind every action of IRSN. Within this scope the Institute is committed to making the results of its research, studies and reports accessible to all professionals involved in nuclear safety, security and radiation protection, as well as to the public and civil society.

That is why the Institute publishes a quarterly French news magazine “Repères” that provides information on IRSN’s activities in the fields of research, radiological surveillance, nuclear safety and security, and reflects the breadth of its expertise. Some issues are also published in English, such as our special issue published one year after the Fukushima accident, and are available on our website. 

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