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Major nuclear reactor accidents: decision to continue activities conducted by SARNET, a European research network coordinated by IRSN

The ERMSAR (European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research) conference organized by IRSN in Avignon (France) in October 2013 gave a broad view of four years of R&D relating to major nuclear reactor accidents. This event was the opportunity to promote the decision taken by the SARNET network of excellence to continue its activities in the framework of the NUGENIA association (Nuclear Generation II & III Association).

The SARNET network of excellence reached a special milestone with the 6th ERMSAR conference, attended by 137 participants from 61 organizations and 25 countries, confirming its status as a leading international event on major nuclear reactor accidents. Among other things, the ERMSAR conference defined the highest priority areas for future research, considering the first feedback of the Fukushima Daiichi accident. The future research topics will notably focus on developing technology systems aiming to limit the consequences of such accidents.

It was officially announced that, after operating for eight years under the European Commission’s supervision, SARNET will continue to run as one Technical Area of the NUGENIA association, of which IRSN is a founding member, and which is recognized as the key European vector for research on the safety of generation II and III reactors. IRSN will continue to coordinate the network, confirming its leadership position with regard to this crucial safety research issues.

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