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Event: Preparing the future of the EUROSAFE initiative


Bel V, GRS and IRSN have been organizing the EUROSAFE Forum every year since 1999, with the venue alternating between Brussels, Cologne and Paris, to foster convergence between the TSOs’ nuclear safety assessment practices, primarily in Europe. Now is the time to plan for the future of this important EUROSAFE initiative.


Bel V, GRS and IRSN will take an active part in the third IAEA TSO Conference to be held in Beijing from October 27 through 31, 2014. As a consequence, the next edition of the EUROSAFE Forum has been postponed to November 2015. It will be co-organized by Bel V and IRSN, and will take place in Brussels.

In the meantime, the EUROSAFE concept will be reviewed in order to enhance the technical value of the Forum. ETSON and the EUROSAFE Program Committee are working together to consider improvements to the EUROSAFE Forum in future years in terms of format, content, rates, etc. Scientific and technical content will also be optimized. In the interval, to keep the technical momentum going, a special issue of the EUROSAFE Tribune (#26) will be circulated at the Beijing IAEA TSO Conference as one of the European TSO’s contributions to this event. In parallel, a compilation of scientific work carried out by ETSON member TSOs and selected under the oversight of the respective scientific directors of Bel V, GRS and IRSN will be published in a scientific journal in time for distribution at the Beijing Conference.

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