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Emergency response: IRSN exports its know-how in the technical management of nuclear emergencies to China

As part of its ambitious nuclear program, with more than twenty reactors under construction, the electricity company China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC) signed a contract with IRSN in mid-January that calls on the Institute's expertise to modernize the emergency response system for some of its reactors.


IRSN’s nuclear emergency response skills, which were brought to light by the Fukushima Daiichi power plant accident, prompted CGNPC and its subsidiary Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co., Ltd. (DNMC), the operator of the Daya Bay-Ling Ao site in the province of Guangdong, to choose the solution proposed by IRSN for nuclear emergency response management tools and expertise.

In this solution, the SESAME and C3X platforms developed by IRSN for its own Technical Center for Emergency Response will be adapted to the needs of DNMC and integrated at the site. SESAME, which is used for diagnosis and prognosis of the status of a damaged reactor and to estimate actual or potential releases, will be adapted to the characteristics of the Chinese reactors [1]. C3X will calculate the atmospheric dispersion and radiological consequences based on Chinese meteorological forecasts and cartographic data from the Daya Bay-Ling Ao site. The Institute is currently developing specifications for the adaptations required to integrate the platforms at the end of the year.

The recently signed contract also includes a training cycle for DNMC covering expertise in emergency response and the operational use of related tools. Chinese engineers will initially receive training in France, with further training to be organized in China sometime the following year.


1- Specifically, the geometrical parameters and the components defining the main systems of these reactors built by Framatome and Spie Batignolles in partnership with EDF.

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