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Radiation protection: IRSN helps transpose new European Union directive into French law


Euratom Directive 2013/59 of December 5, 2013 on basic safety standards (BSS) for protection against ionizing radiation must be transposed into the national law of each EU member state within the next four years. Based on its experience in implementing the regulations, IRSN is contributing its expertise to help the French public authorities for the transposition process.


Transposing the Euratom directive into national law involves considerable work to update the law in many different areas. In particular, the requirements related to natural sources of ionizing radiation must be tightened, a national action plan to protect against radon must be established, and measures applicable to accident and post-accident situations must be stepped up.

It also involves applying the new equivalent dose limit to the lens of the eyes, adapting the status of qualified experts and ensuring the protection of subcontract workers. The focus in the medical field is on the role of experts in medical physics and on inspecting equipment to protect patients.

These are all areas where IRSN can draw on its experience to assist French public authorities in transposing the directive into French law in the most efficient manner, avoiding an unnecessary burden on operators.


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Read the text of the Euratom Directive 2013/59 of 5 December 2013 on standards of basic safety


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