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Emergency response: IRSN trains Chinese nuclear operators’ experts

After adapting and integrating emergency management softwares to the reactors’ specific features in China in late 2014, IRSN has provided five experts from Chinese power company DNMC with a three-week training course in Paris area.

Five experts from DNMC (Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co) received in-depth training from IRSN at its premises in Fontenay-aux-Roses, near Paris. 

In 2014, the Chinese power company awarded a three-year contract to IRSN to install versions of its SESAME emergency management software (to estimate actual or potential releases based on facility diagnostics) and its C3X software (to assess the radiological impacts of accidental releases).

IRSN has long had a cooperative relationship in the nuclear field with China, in particular with the NNSA (National Nuclear Safety Authority), its technical arm NSC (Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center) and CNNC (China National Nuclear Corporation).
China is rapidly developing a nuclear industry and DNMC is already operating two nuclear power plants near the megalopolis of Hong Kong.

Matching the high level of technology in France with the considerable operational progress achieved in China, this cooperation has been expanded to cover nuclear safety and emergency response management as well.

Fukushima crisis’ experience

Sophisticated and proven emergency management tools are vital to cope efficiently with emergency situations resulting from a nuclear accident. But how effective the response is also depends on the quality of the training that goes with the tools.

The quality of IRSN’s expertise in this area was evident during the Fukushima crisis, prompting a number of emergency management centers across the globe to call on the Institute for cooperation to strengthen their own emergency management tools and methods.

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