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IRSN assists the IAEA in running technical workshops in nuclear safety and radiological protection

A second capacity-building workshop organized by the IAEA with assistance from IRSN took place in Fukushima prefecture in April 2015. The IAEA holds two workshops per year in Japan since 2013: a capacity-building workshop and a training workshop on nuclear safety and radiological protection.

These workshops are designed for IAEA’s members that are developing a nuclear industry or wish to strengthen the capacities of their emergency response teams.

IRSN regularly assists the IAEA in organizing and running these workshops by providing experts to help lead theoretical sessions, and practical, in-the-field follow-up exercises. IRSN’s know-how and methods for managing accident and post-accident situations are demonstrated and discussed among participants.

A large-scale exercise in Japan in 2016

The transfer of best radiological protection practices was the focus of the second capacity-building workshop, which took place in Fukushima prefecture, attended by 16 participants, the majority of them from countries in the Persian Gulf and South America, and from South Korea. 

Through practical exercises, they worked on several technical themes linked to radioactive contamination of the environment, including measurement techniques and equipment. The IAEA is planning a large-scale exercise in Japan in 2016 as part of its Response and Assistance Network (RANET), which IRSN intends to contribute to.

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