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Natural hazards: ETSON consolidates technical convergence on nuclear safety assessment methods

In May 2015, ETSON, the European association of Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs), held a workshop organized by IRSN devoted to the anticipation of natural hazards and post-Fukushima actions.

The 29 participants from 10 countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and the United Kingdom) were able to delve further into discussions on this subject, debating the methods currently used to characterize extreme hazard levels and analyze provisions made to cope with the potential resulting loss of electric power or heat sinks.

This workshop continued the work begun at a first ETSON event held in 2013 on key findings of the stress tests performed in European nuclear facilities and, more specifically, on identifying how hazards such as earthquakes or floods were considered.

Aim to develop convergence and best practice

Among the principle goals of these meetings: to develop convergence in the technical approaches used by ETSON members when analyzing the potential impact of selected hazards on a given nuclear facility design, on the basis of best identified practice.

The workshop’s conclusions presenting common positions, best practices and open issues – such as comparing the deterministic versus probabilistic approaches used in different countries – will be published by ETSON as a contribution to the goal of excellence in European nuclear safety analysis practice.

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