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New book by IRSN: 30 years of research on severe accidents in nuclear power reactor


IRSN just released a new scientific book in its Science and Technology Series, "Nuclear power reactor core melt accidents. Current state of knowledge". This book compiles the sum of knowledge acquired on this subject. It summarizes the lessons learnt from severe accidents around the world, that have contributed to improve the prevention of such accidents and the reduction of their consequences. Those from the Fukushima accident are not included because of still evolving knowledge.

For over thirty years, IPSN and subsequently IRSN has played a major international role in the field of nuclear power reactor core melt accidents through the undertaking of important experimental programmes (the most significant being the PHEBUS FP programme), the development of validated simulation tools (the ASTEC code that is today the leading European tool for modelling severe accidents), and the coordination of the SARNET (Severe Accident Research Network) international network of excellence.   

These accidents are described as "severe accidents" because they can lead to radioactive releases outside the plant concerned, with serious consequences for the general public and for the environment. The knowledge accumulated by the Institute on these subjects enabled it to play an active role in informing public authorithies, the media and the public when this accident occurred, and continues to do so to this day. 


Coordinator: D. Jacquemain

Authors: A. Bentaïb, H. Bonneville, G. Cénérino, B. Clément, F. Corenwinder, M. Cranga, G. Ducros, F. Fichot, D. Jacquemain, C. Journeau, V. Koundy, D. Leteinturier, D. Magallon, R. Meignen, F. Monroig, G. Nahas, F. Pichereau, E. Raimond, J-M. Seiler, B. Tourniaire, J-P. Van Dorsselaere

Date of issue: 2013 French, 2015 English


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