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Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons: PASTEL, IRSN’s new electronic declaration tool for the industrial players concerned


​Industrial players concerned by nuclear activities such as nuclear fuel cycle, imports and exports of equipment and certain materials can now submit their declarations online as part of the national implementation of the IAEA safeguards Additional Protocol.


In December 2015, IRSN launched PASTEL, an electronic portal designed to make it easier for companies to submit their declarations, and for the Institute to collect and review these declarations. Its implementation ensures the uniformity of information submitted and also enables the Institute to optimize the consolidated declaration sent to IAEA on behalf of France, while reducing production costs.

As a reminder, France is a signatory of the IAEA safeguard agreements and its Additional Protocol intended to give the Agency a global view of all nuclear programs of member States, regardless of whether or not they possess nuclear weapons.

Each year, France submits an annual declaration covering all the nuclear activities carried out on the national territory: R&D, cooperation between States, imports and exports of equipment and certain materials (waste, etc.). IRSN prepares this declaration on behalf of the French State by centralizing the declarations made by those required to do so, and ensuring that they are both complete and consistent.


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