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Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents: IRSN takes part in the IAEA conference on human and organizational factors in nuclear safety


30 years after the Chernobyl accident and 5 years on from Fukushima, the IAEA organized an international conference entitled “Human and Organizational Aspects of Assuring Nuclear Safety” in Vienna at the end of February 2016. The conference was attended by 400 people, including several speakers from IRSN.

The purpose of the IAEA conference was to review lessons to be learned from the past, the current situation, and safety prospects. The agenda was divided into four main themes: the role of leadership and management, systemic approaches to safety, analyzing high-reliability organizations, and lastly assessing safety culture.

Among other things, the different presentations pointed to an increasing role for an approach which integrates human, technical and organizational aspects in reinforcing safety over the coming years. Such an approach involves all stakeholders, whether licensees, authorities, experts or the general public. 

IRSN contributed to the work in this area with several presentations. These addressed nuclear safety management practices through the prism of various themes, such as organizational dynamics in emergency situations in Fukushima, the importance of analyzing operating practices, and the lessons to be learned from major industrial accidents.


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