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Radioactive waste management: convergence between European players will continue through SITEX_Network

SITEX_Network brings together TSO from eight countries, a safety authority, and five organizations from civil society, and is keen to respond to the call for applications for the joint research program to be launched by the European Commission.

After successfully completing the SITEX and SITEX II projects with the support of the European Commission, IRSN and its partners decided to develop further their collaboration by setting up an association, SITEX_Network. IRSN will chair the association for the first term of office.

The association will give the 14 partners the necessary continuity to pursue their objective: to develop high-level expertise in the field of radioactive waste management that is independent of industrial operators and which provides support to the safety authorities, without losing touch with civil society.

Thanks to the work carried out under the SITEX and SITEX II projects, significant progress has been made to align European players on the orientations to give to research, on the safety assessment practices for geological disposal of radioactive waste, and on the means of interaction between institutional bodies and civil society.

The newly created association is keen to respond to the EURATOM call for projects to be launched by the European Commission. The feasibility of the five-year program has been established, thanks in particular to the contribution of SITEX-II, a project that preceded SITEX_Network and which set the vision and requirements for the expertise function.

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