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Non-proliferation: France offers its contribution to the OPCW’s mentoring program through IRSN


Through IRSN, France will expand its support to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on non-proliferation. The services offered under the Mentoring Program are intended primarily for developing countries.

As one of the methods to combat the use of chemical weapons, the OPCW makes a mentoring program available to any member state that requests it. When asked by the OPCW, France has agreed to contribute through a mentorship program designed primarily for developing countries.

The mentoring program will be offered by IRSN to the competent authorities of French-speaking African States that submit a request to the OPCW. It will take the form of classes, a presentation of the available OPCW tools, cases studies, and follow-ups to site visits.

As part of its duties, IRSN already provides technical support to the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and to the French Ministries of the Economy and Finance in charge of implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in the civil sector in France. It is in this context that France will now extend its support to the OPCW in the field of non-proliferation.

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Visit the IRSN non-proliferation website (in French)
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