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Cooperation between the National University of Singapore and IRSN continues


Representatives from the National Research Foundation (NRS) and the Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative (SNRSI) were received at IRSN from 18 to 21 February 2019.

The objectives of this visit were to :

  • take stock of the cooperation of the previous year, in particular the provision for 7 months of a SNRSI researcher in the accidental exposure radiobiology laboratory (LRAcc) of IRSN;
  • discuss the content of a new IRSN-NUS framework agreement that will develop cooperation in other areas, namely radiochemistry and radiobiology;
  • discuss the strategy to be adopted to strengthen IRSN-NUS cooperation;
  • take stock of the training with ENSTTI.



On 18 May 2015, IRSN and the National University of Singapore (NUS) signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of nuclear safety training.

The areas of cooperation cover safety analysis (mainly modeling of severe accidents), crisis management and training of Singaporean experts via ENSTTI (European Institute for Training and Tutoring in Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection), a professional training subsidiary of IRSN.

The scientific cooperation is mainly through a joint laboratory within the National University of Singapore (NUS), whose researchers belong to SNRSI (NUS Nuclear Safety Research Unit), National Environment Agency (NEA) and DSO National Laboratories (DSO).

As part of the training, ENSTTI and SNRSI signed a cooperation agreement for training and mentoring in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection. Since 2015, several national and regional training courses have been conducted jointly by IRSN, ENSTTI and SNRSI in Singapore. Several trainees from SNRSI, NEA and DSO came to IRSN for training or tutoring lasting one to six months.

For the renewal of the agreement, Singaporeans would like to further expand the areas of cooperation, particularly in the areas of the environment (radiochemistry) and those of radiation effects (radiobiology). In addition, IRSN and SNRSI are interested in strengthening and facilitating cooperation through the development of exchanges of researchers between laboratories.


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