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Réunion du Core group à Berlin, le 2 décembre 2002



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  Une réunion du Core group s'est tenue à Berlin dans les locaux de la GRS le 2 décembre 2002. Les principaux résultats de la réunion ont été la clarification de ce que signifie “integration” dans nos champs d'activité, ainsi qu'un plan de travail pour construire un programme commun conjoint préliminaire. Ce dernier sera utilisé, dans un second temps, comme base pour intégrer de nouveaux partenaires.
  The proposed 4 to 5 year target of SARNET consists in integrating most of the national programs on LWR Severe Accidents in a single program coordinated by the Network Steering Committee. A way to achieve this goal would be to progressively re-orient the existing national programs or launch new ones in a coordinated way, in accordance with the research needs identified in a first step by the ongoing PIRT activities conducted in the EURSAFE action and later by the Network, eliminating duplications and developing complementarities. Such a process is schematically illustrated in the opposite picture (click on it to see the large picture). 
Clearly, getting funding from E.C. should not be the main motivation to adhere to a Network of Excellence, but rather the perspective to have access to a spectrum of experimental and analytical results, tools and expertise, that is larger than the results achievable by national efforts. Furthermore, the fact that a national project is recognized by common assessment of the leading safety experts in Europe as a key piece of a comprehensive Network program should be a strong argument to justify national sponsoring.   In order to elaborate a preliminary Joint Project of Activities (JPA), coordinators and associates have been nominated (see table 1), who will in their field:   
  • Propose a list of teams and/or experimental facilities that should be integrated in SARNET; this list should be based on the following considerations:
    . Provide the critical mass of competence to address the high priority research topics as identified by the PIRT EURSAFE (mainly those of 1st list); . Preserve the teams and experimental facilities that are unique and may be indispensable for potential needs at longer term (see OECD list).   
    • In relation with the corresponding organisations:
    . Elaborate a program of activities for these teams and/or experimental facilities, with as precise a description of the tasks as possible for the first 18 months, and indications of orientations for mid term. This program of activities should take into account the existing national programs and the necessary evolution to contribute to address research topics of the PIRT; . Identify possible difficulties or obstacles to integration and propose integrating activities that are necessary to overcome them; . Establish a first list of researchers involved; . Estimate corresponding costs over a period of say 5 years. Milestones are: · Draft preliminary JPA by coordinators end of January; · Discussion of draft preliminary JPA within Core Group in February; · Presentation of SARNET and preliminary JPA to potential members on March 5; · Consolidation of JPA and finalization of the proposal by end of April 2003.