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Evaluation de l'impact radiologique de différentes voies de gestion des déchets TFA.



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Cessac, B.; Peres, J.M. Radioprotection, v. 36(no.1) p. 41-55.


Radiological impact assessment of very low-level radioactive waste management pathways. Two approaches are currently being adopted for the management of very low-level waste (VLLW): disposal in surface facilities and, for some categories of VLL waste, the implementation of treatment and utilisation channels. In this paper, the orders of magnitude of the radiological consequences which may result from these two options are discussed, in a matter of a description rather than a comparison. As regards disposal, radiological impact is presented through a generic case, along with the uncertainties stemming from the variability of the parameters associated with its design, as well as those associated with the geosphere and the biosphere. In the case of treatment and utilisation channels, such as disposal or recycling of VLL waste oils or VLL wastes containing asbestos, the assessment of radiological consequences deals with the public exposure and with the occupational exposure on the basis of a stage-by-stage breakdown of the industrial process.