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Generic Models for Use in Assessing the Impact of Discharges of Radioactive Substance to the Environment.



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AIEA (ed.) IAEA Vienne / Safety Reports Series No. 19 / STI/PUB/1103 (216 pp., 21 figures; 2001)

Type de document > *Rapport/contribution à GT (papier ou CD-Rom)

Mots clés > modélisation en radioécologie, code de calcul, modélisation, radionucléides

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DEI/SECRE/LME

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Date de publication > 01/12/2001


This Safety Report describes an approach for assessing doses to members of the public as part of an environmental impact analysis of predictive radioactive discharges. This is achieved by using screening models which describe environmental processes in mathematical terms, producing a quantitative result. This report supports Safety Standards Series No. WS-G-2.3, Regulatory Control of Radioactive Discharges to the Environment (2000), and expands on and supersedes Safety Series No. 57, Generic Models and Parameters for Assessing the Environmental Transfer of Radionuclides from Routine Releases (1982). Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Procedures for screening radionuclide discharges; 3. Atmospheric dispersion; 4. Radionuclide transport in surface waters;5. Transport of radionuclides through terrestrial and aquatic food chains;6. Dosimetric, habit and other data for dose estimation; 7. Estimation of collective dose for screening purposes; 8. Procedures to follow when estimated doses exceed the specified reference level; Annex I: Screening dose calculation factors; Annex II: Radionuclide half-lives and decay constants; Annex III: Special considerations for assessment of discharges of tritium and carbon-14; Annex IV: Example calculations; Annex V: Description of the Gaussian plume model; Annex VI: Radionuclide transport in surface waters; Annex VII: Methods used in the estimation of collective doses for screening purposes.