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Inspections du contrôle national français, dans le domaine du suivi et de la comptabilité des matières nucléaires, concernant le système de management de la qualité des exploitants



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Titre du congrès :SYMPOSIUM ON SAFEGUARDS AND NUCLEAR MATERIAL MANAGEMENT Ville du congrès :Aix-en-Provence Date du congrès :22/05/2007


The French code of Defence states that the operators must follow-up the nuclear materials in their facilities and have to implement the technical conditions for nuclear material control and accountancy (NMC&A) under a quality management system which complies with the relevant international standards. This quality management system shall concern particularly: "receipts and shipments of nuclear materials, recognition of nuclear materials through checking and testing with a special attention on the related measurements, physical inventory taking of nuclear materials". These provisions lead French Domestic Safeguards to include operator's quality management system in the NMC&A verification program. The French safeguards inspection focuses particularly on movements and transformations of nuclear material, measuring and testing equipment, accountancy as well as identification and traceability, audits, nonconformities and defects management in the scope of NMC&A. This control is based on procedures contents and application, but above all on the associated document in proof. Such inspections are a good method to assess the efficiency of interfaces between the nuclear material management, the operator accounting system and the national accounting system. This paper describes the verifications that are made by formal inspectors from French Domestic Safeguards and the lesson learnt. As a matter of fact, such controls provide wider information on the management of nuclear material in facilities over time and not only an overview of the inspection setting.