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Thierry Albiol. Phébus Information Meeting, Bergen, March 31st, 2004

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > accidents dans les REP, Phébus PF (programme)

Unité de recherche > CPEX

Auteurs > ALBIOL Thierry

Date de publication > 22/06/2004


The introduction to this meeting consisted first, of a welcome address by Horst Weisshaüpl, Nuclear Safety Unit Head of the JRC/Institute for Energy Petten.

Then Thierry Albiol, on his turn and on behalf of all the Phébus team, thanked the JRC/IE for arranging this four days of meetings and welcomed all the participants (57 participants, representing 30 organizations and 16 countries).

He mentioned, that some CD-Rom were available for those who didn’t receive them :
- Previous Phébus Info meeting held on October 28th 2003 in Aix en Provence,
- FPT3 data-book (Phébus IP 02/517, revised in March 2003. A new version of the FPT3 data-book will be issued after the FPT3 test),
- FPT1 Final Report.

He indicated that :
- a new version of the FPT2 data-book (Phébus IP 2004 0555 – CPEX NT 2004 0084 of March 2004) was ready to be released, under a CD-Rom format.
- the Final Report of FPT4 was in final reviewing stage before final printing. A paper version will be provided to each organization, partner of the Phébus FP Programme, plus several CD-Rom versions.

About the future of the Phébus Programme, he explained that the current time schedule for the next Phébus STLOC1 test was in 2008 (instead of end 2007, as previously foreseen), but, due to remaining funding difficulties, a decision for this test should be taken in June 2004.

Finally, he presented the agenda of the meeting
- The first part is devoted to FPT3: technical progress on the test train and on the circuits and experimental studies of the interaction of boron carbide and oxidation products with materials under FPT3 representative conditions.
- The second part is devoted to previous Phébus tests: new results on FPT2 data analysis (as an appetizer before a much more comprehensive presentation to be given in the afternoon during the CCIC meeting) and a more general PSI presentation on the achievements and lessons learned from Phébus-FP. About this last presentation, special thanks to our PSI colleagues for this type of presentation which shows the importance of the Phébus Programme, and the practical use which is done from its results, as regards the strategy for source term studies up to application to power plant safety analyses.

Next Phébus Info meeting is scheduled on November 3rd 2004 in Aix en Provence.

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