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A Two-Phase Model to Describe the Dissolution Phenomena during a Severe Accident in a Nuclear Pressurized Water Reactor



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Titre du congrès :EUROTHERM 2008 - 5th European Thermal-Sciences Conference 
Ville du congrès :Eindhoven
Date du congrès :18/05/2008


This paper deals with the macroscopic modeling and numerical simulations of solid dissolution by liquid in binary systems. The distinctive feature of the macroscopic model is that it is based on a macroscale non-equilibrium assumption accounting for chemical exchanges at the solid-liquid interface. The macroscopic species transport equations are obtained thanks to this assumption which gives rise to interfacial exchange phenomena. The aim of this work is to give a local chemical non-equilibrium model able to describe the dissolution in binary systems and taking into account the natural convection. The model is tested on the particular binary case of dioxyde zirconium dissolution by liquid zirconium for temperatures higher than 2273 K (which is an important topic in nuclear safety research domain).