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Two field multibody method for periodic homogenization in fracture mechanics of non linear composites



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Titre de la revue : Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Volume : 75
N° : 11
Pagination : 3378-3398
Date de publication : 02/07/2008


This paper presents a new computational approach dedicated to the fracture of nonlinear heterogeneous materials. This approach extends the standard periodic homogenization problem to a two field cohesive-volumetric finite element scheme. This two field finite element formulation is written as a generalization Non-Smooth Contact Dynamics framework involving Frictional Cohesive Zone Models. The associated numerical platform allows to simulate, at finite strain, the fracture of nonlinear composites from crack initiation to post-fracture behavior. The ability of this computational approach is illustrated by the fracture of the hydrided Zircaloy under transient loading.