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European nuclear thermodynamic database for In- & Ex-vessel applications (ENTHALPY)



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FISA-2003, 10-13 novembre 03, Luxembourg
A. De Bremaecker (1), M. Barrachin, F. Jacq (2), F. Defoort (3), M. Mignanelli (4), P.Y. Chevalier, B. Cheynet (5), S. Hellmann, F. Funke (6), C. Journeau, P. Piluso (7), S. Marguet (8), Z. Hózer (9), V. Vrtilkova, L. Belovsky (10), L. Sannen, M. Verwerft (11), P-H. Duvigneaud, K. Mwamba (12), H. Bouchama, C. Ronneau (13).

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > sûreté, accident grave, corium, diagramme de phases, ENTHALPY (projet), programme cadre (PCRD)

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DPAM/SEMIC

Auteurs > BARRACHIN Marc, JACQ François

Date de publication > 10/11/2003


The main aim of the project performed by twelve partners was to produce one unique commonly agreed and well validated thermodynamic database, called “NUCLEA” able a) to be used for in- and ex-vessel applications and b) to be linked in the future and after simplifications, to severe accident codes . In this quest the most outstanding issue was to compare, critically assess and merge the two existing databases existing in Europe, and to extend them to new elements. Separate Effect tests (SET) and global tests were performed to furnish new data or were used to validate the database. Methodologies of coupling between the database and SA codes were studied and applied. “NUCLEA” was validated against several in- and ex-vessel tests, and is now documented and commercially available. It contains the following elements O-U-Zr-Fe-Cr-Ni-Ag-In-Ba-La-Ru-Sr-B-C-Al-Ca-Mg-Si + Ar-H; the multi-component (15) oxide system UO2-ZrO2-FeO-Fe2O3-Cr2O3-NiO-In2O3-BaO-La2O3-SrO-B2O3- Al2O3-CaO-MgO-SiO2 is also a subset of the whole database. An effective and fast coupling methodology with SA codes was developed, that can be applied for 5-elements subsystems.

(1) SCK.CEN detached at IRSN (F)
(2) IRSN, Cadarache (F)
(3) CEA/DEN, Grenoble (F)
(4) AEA-T, Harwell (GB)
(5) THERMODATA, Grenoble (F)
(6) FRAMATOME-ANP, Erlangen (D)
(7) CEA/DEN/DTP, Cadarache (F)
(8) EdF/D-R&D (F)
(9) KFKI/AEKI, Budapest (H)
(10) SKODA-UJP, Praha (CZ)
(11) SCK.CEN, Mol (B)
(12) ULB, Brussels (B).