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Fission-product transport modelling in the ASTEC integral code: the status of the SOPHAEROS module



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N. Alpy, M. P. Kissane, I. Drosik, C. Fiche (1) and M.H. Kaye (2).
8th International Conférence on CANDU Fuel 21/09/03 au 24/09/03 Honey Harbour, Ontario

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > accident grave, aérosols, ASTEC (code), SOPHAEROS (code), transports de produits de fission

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DPAM/SEMIC/LEPF

Auteurs > DROSIK Isabelle, FICHE Corinne, KISSANE Martin

Date de publication > 21/09/2003


Safety assessment of water-cooled nuclear reactors encompasses potential severe accidents where, in particular, the behaviour of radionuclides released into the reactor coolant system is evaluated. The SOPHAEROS code, a module of the ASTEC integral code, models this behaviour. The code modelling is described here along with example calculations taken from the wide variety of validation studies (from highly analytical to integral experiments). Now a robust and relatively mature tool with a reasonable level of accuracy and an acceptable calculation time, SOPHAEROS constitutes a sound basis for completing modelling of the key phenomenology. Short-term improvements include implementing models for aerosol deposition in flow-geometry changes, retention in water volumes, and a more mechanistic model for mechanical resuspension.
(1) : IRSN
(2) : RMC-UV Canada.