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Le dispositif expérimental "multi locaux" DIVA et la campagne d'essais préliminaire DIVA-0



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8th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science, Pekin, Chine, 18/09/2005 -23/09/2005

W. Le Saux, H. Pretrel, J. M. Such.

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > sûreté, feu de bain, feu de compartiment

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DPAM/SEREA/LEF

Auteurs > LE SAUX William, PRETREL Hugues, SUCH Jean-Marc

Date de publication > 01/10/2005


The most recent IRSN fire safety concerns revealed the need for studying fires in several rooms configurations. Indeed, it is necessary to evaluate the consequences of a fire in rooms adjacent to the room in which the fire began, bearing in mind that propagation can be direct (through an open door), indirect (through ventilation ducts), or accidental (failure of sectorization equipments).
To do so IRSN has built a specific facility named DIVA (the name DIVA is a French acronym for "experimental facility for the study of fires, ventilation and airborne contamination") in order to be able to carry out this type of studies.
This poster presents first the DIVA facility characteristics (see Fig. 1) including the ventilation network and the instrumentation (more than five hundred measurements).
It presents also the eight DIVA-0 tests which have been performed in 2003 involving oil pool fires. Each test is addressed to real scenario encountered in nuclear safety assessment as spreading through an open door, effect of fire dampers, leakages under doors and spreading through the ventilation network.
A detailed analysis of the fire power distribution is presented for the various scenarios (see Fig. 2).