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Modelling of bituminized radioactive waste leaching. Part I: Constitutive equations



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Titre de la revue : Journal of Nuclear Materials
Volume : 349
N° : 1-2
Pagination : 96-106
Date de publication : 15/02/2006

Type de document > *Article de revue

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Unité de recherche > IRSN/DPAM/SEREA/LEMRA

Auteurs > ADENOT Frédéric, GWINNER Benoît, SERCOMBE Jérôme, SIMONDI-TEISSEIRE Béatrice, TIFFREAU Christophe

Date de publication > 15/02/2006


This paper presents theoretical work aiming at studying the behaviour of leached bituminized waste materials and the development of a saline solution-filled pore structure (called permeable layer) in the material. In Part I of this paper, the constitutive model COLONBO which describes mathematically the evolution of the pore structure, the water uptake, the salt and RN release of leached bituminized waste is presented. By the introduction of adequate simplifications, an analytical solution of the problem is obtained which gives the main relations between measurable leaching indicators (water uptake, soluble salt release, porosity profiles and apparent thickness of the permeable layer) and material (soluble salt content, bituminized waste density) or environmental parameters (chemical activity of water in the leachant). In the companion paper (Part II), the validity of these relations is investigated experimentally.