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Le radon dans les bâtiments. Le point sur la situation en France



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Marie-Christine ROBE, Jean BRENOT, Jean-Pierre GAMBARD, Géraldine IELSCH, Didier HARISTOY, Véronique LABED, Alain BENEITO, Alain THOREUX Journées Scientiques (Impact sur l'homme des rayonnements ionisants et non-ionisants) Brest, 23-24/06/2000, p. 41-48


Radon, a radioactive gas from natural origin, tends to accumulate in buildings. the close watch of radon levels inside buildings has its justification in the underlying risk of lung cancer. The levels recorded in buildings, can be lowered, but the French population has a very poor knowledge of radon-induced risk. Two official statements dealing with radon risk management were iddued in 1999 to define the thresholds not to be exceeded. The results of measurement campaings, the number of buildings liable to display concentrations above these thresholds, the identification of high radon potential areas, the measures locally taken along with the way radon risk and remedial actions are perceived are reviewed.