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Practical Application of the ICRP Human Respiratory Tract Model.



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Workshop on Internal Dosimetry of Radionuclides - Occupational, Public and Medical Exposure - 9-12 September 2002 - New College, Oxford, United Kingdom
M. R. Bailey (1), E. Ansoborlo (2), R. A. Guilmette (3) and F. Paquet (4)

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > radiotoxicologie, contamination

Unité de recherche > Laboratoire d'études appliquées de radiotoxicologie (LEAR)

Auteurs > PAQUET François

Date de publication > 13/11/2002


The ICRP Publication 66 Human Respiratory Tract Model (HRTM) has been applied to calculate dose coefficients and bioassay functions using default values of parameters relating to the material and the subjects. The ICRP Task Group on Internal Dosimetry (INDOS) has developed a document giving guidance on application of the HRTM in situations where using specific information can improve dose assessment. INDOS is now working on a full revision of the worker exposure documents (Publications 30, 54, 68 and 78). Application of the HRTM requires a review of the lung-to-blood absorption characteristics of inhaled radionuclides. Where appropriate, compound-specific absorption parameter values will be derived, and other compounds will be assigned to default Types on current information. Although no major changes to the HRTM are currently envisaged, the revision of the worker exposure documents provides an opportunity for some refining and updating in the light of experience and new information.

(1) National Radiological Protection Board, Chilton, Oxon, OX11 0RQ, UK
(2) CEA/DEN/DRCP/CETAMA, VRH-Marcoule, BP17171, 30207 Bagnols sur Cèze, France
(3) Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS E546 ESH-12 Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
(4) IRSN/DPHD/SDOS/LEAR, BP166, F-26702 Pierrelatte, Cedex, France