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A new graphical user interface for fast construction of computation phantoms and MCNP calculations: application to calibration of in vivo measurement systems.



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Borisov N, Franck D, de Carlan L, Laval L. Health Physics, 82(3), 279-289


The paper reports on a new utility for development of computational phantoms for Monte Carlo calculations and data analysis for in vivo measurements of radionuclides deposited in tissues. The individual properties of each worker can be acquired for a rather precise geometric representation of his (her) anatomy, which is particularly important for low energy gamma ray emitting sources such as thorium, uranium, plutonium and other actinides. The software discussed here enables automatic creation of an MCNP input data file based on scanning data. The utility includes segmentation of images obtained with either computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging by distinguishing tissues according to their signal (brightness) and specification of the source and detector. In addition, a coupling of individual voxels within the tissue is used to reduce the memory demand and to increase the calculational speed. The utility was tested for low energy emitters in plastic and biological tissues as well as for computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scanning information.