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Intercalibration of French lung monitoring systems for actinide measurements



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Berard, Ph.; Franck, D.; Dubiau, C.; Soulie, R Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2000, v. 89(3-4) p. 235-238 et IRPA-10, P3a-145


French laboratories involved in lung measurements of actinides have decided to initiate an intercalibration circuit as an easier intermediate step of quality assurance, by using a well-characterised phantom to make a detailed comparison of the measuring procedures used by the centres. Thirteen facilities from nine laboratories took part in this intercalibration. The first phase has been completed. The response of instrumentation and detectors with respect to metrological parameters and measurements on Livermore phantoms is here presented. Current efforts are being directed toward the redaction of consistent procedures: this is also discussed.