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Monitoring workers potentially exposed to radioactive material : the draft of a new ISO standard



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European IRPA congress, Florence, 8-11 October 2002 K. Henrichs (1), P. Bérard (2), C. Cossonnet (3), A. Dalheimer (4), J. Gil (5), B. Le Guen (6), T. Momose (7), T. Rahola (8) (1) Siemens AG, Munich, Germany (2) CEA, Paris, France (3) IRSN, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France (4) BfS, Berlin, Germany (5) HSE, Bootle, United Kingdom (6) EdF, Paris, France (7) JNC, Tokai-Mura, Japan (8) STUK, Helsinki, Finland

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > dosimétrie interne, évaluation de doses

Unité de recherche > Laboratoire d'évaluation et de modélisation de la dose interne (LEMDI)

Auteurs > COSSONNET Catherine

Date de publication > 22/11/2002


In support of relevant ICRP-recommendations there is need for the further standardisation of procedures for monitoring workers potentially exposed to radioactive material. Various international and national exercises using questionnaires and case studier revealed considerable differences in the reliability of monitoring programmes and their results. An international standard would provide substantial help for those setting up monitoring programmes. It would also help in the management of radiation protection for workers employed in different countries and also form the basis for certification and accreditation. For these reasons, ISO started a project to prepare a suitable standard, which has now been drafted by an international working group. This standard, addresses criteria to determine the necessity of monitoring and corresponding requirements ensuring that a minimum exposure will be detected. Other topics addressed are aspects of the design of a monitoring programme, e.g. the frequency of measurements, and the quality assurance. Additionally, requirements are given for reporting and documenting the monitoring programme and measured results. An important principle for standardising the design of a monitoring programme was to find a balance between the resources needed for a certain programme and the need for monitoring to be effective. Additionally, the standard must of course be flexible enough to allow for its adaptation to national regulations.